4 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog Successfully

When writing regular blog posts, we love to play them. Too often we run a blog that leaves a few weeks later because visitors are not appointments. Now I am discussing this post how to promote your blog with simple steps.

How about a blog? What habits can give visibility to your articles? And most importantly, how to bring new visitors to your web ecosystem?

As with any approach to online marketing, the ideal is to be mechanical. By setting reasonable goals– and sticking to promote your blog in a better way. You are sure to achieve measurable results and optimizable.


1. Intervene in groups Linkedin and communities Google+

Have you noticed how some social media networks become full ? It is the content interesting, varied and qualified. This is provided by the users themselves and gets more comments and engagement, as if it had been distributed through traditional media.

Your goal is to publicize and promote your blog. Groups and communities (depending if you are on a particular social network) are a real opportunity to distribute your articles and bring visitors to your blog .

Specifically, you must first identify the areas where you can post because they correspond to your area of expertise or create them yourself. Then, at regular intervals, daily or weekly, have the reflex to propose members to read an article from your blog that might interest you and make returns and comments.

2. Write guest articles on other blogs to promote your blog:

It is a highly developed across the Atlantic that democratizes our country practice: the guest post – understand writing articles as a guest on a blog that is not yours . What an original sound on the blog of a colleague or the keys to its own space to an editor of his encourage is left section we write, that although a virtuous habit to make and promote your blog!

In practice, you can offer all the people you meet through your work for you to write or publish your articles work. If so!

For example, here is what each other can bring:

  • Your suppliers : usage tips on products sold.
  • Your clients : evidence through interviews.
  • Your employees : their expertise on specific aspects of your benefits or the life of the company.

In all cases, you are a winner:

  1. If you write an article on another blog as yours :. Visits you regular readers of it
  2. If you invite an editor on your blog : it will summarize the article on his own blog and insert a link to the full article – the one who is in you, then!

The important thing in all cases:

  • Check that the hearing of the blog is at your own target.
  • Send an email with your background, you are already publishing and offer story ideas to write content.
  • Write interesting content, useful or entertaining but certainly not business.

Observe the editorial charter and writing rules that collaboration is the most natural and easy as possible – even it is renewed! do not forget to promote your blog to get better traffic.

3. Follow a mechanical on social networks

Often we think a blog should only follow the news and it is a single-use content . However, this article you are reading is a cons-example. You would have read a few weeks ago, it would have been relevant and it will not be less in some time.

The distribution of your content on social networks you use is dynamic : new people follow you, some are close to you and plan more easily share your contributions , for example. Taking into account this phenomenon, you can lean on all your published content and not just the one you just wrote.

There are tools to schedule a routine on social networks (e.g., Hootsuite, Buffer, PostRocket Facebook or even directly). This is a first step: It is important, of course, continue to react in real time to respond to questions and comments.

Thus, to make his blog, it is helpful to:

  • Establish a list of items we can (re) use over time for posts – an Excel spreadsheet or Google do the trick;
  • Define rules for writing or not incorporating a # hashtag, 35% of statistics and invitations to broadcast for example;
  • Implement this mechanism regularly selflessly (he must suffer to be beautiful) and then measure results and improve what needs to be.


4. Answer the questions in forums

Internet forums bring together communities of people interested in a domain: because they are experts or because they have questions about it. At the time of content production is bloated online users are looking for confidence . It is precisely these areas that offer where you can get expert advice – filtered, validated or refuted by the community .

To publicize his blog, the idea is to participate in these discussions . Again, it comes to confidence and that is what you need to build. It is to show its expertise in responding specifically to a request by providing an additional perspective to what has been said. It was after this first step you can build a systematic relationship with your audience, making them come to your blog directly and encouraging even relay your content .

Moreover, by doing so you open the door space that search engines give a real place in their results and you talk to highly skilled surfers. Indeed, we speak for example Q & Yahoo! you’ve probably already seen a search result pointing to promote your blog.

In addition to being circles of interesting visibility to distribute blog posts, you will also see that these communities are inexhaustible sources of writing topics . All questions are many ideas for articles to publish on his blog. After writing the article that answers a question, you can return to the post to add a link to it: a new opportunity to make his blog!


Your blog is one old timer or is brand new, these 4 tips are valid. Applying them regularly, you are sure to provide your blog a reputation and visibility then you will convert your visitors: sale, contact, quote or interaction.

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Shree Tapasya

Sumeet Kalsey is a WordPress fanatic and loves experimenting with WordPress themes & plugins.
Also Search for new contents and software’s in free time. Get more from Kalsey on
& Facebook

Shree Tapasya

Sumeet Kalsey is a WordPress fanatic and loves experimenting with WordPress themes & plugins. Also Search for new contents and software's in free time. Get more from Kalsey on Google+ & Facebook

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