How to Increase Alexa Rank of Blog or Website-10 Tips

Alexa is given more priority after Google page rank.Many advertisers and visitors judge your blog by looking Alexa.So it’s Good to have the Alexa rank to increase your blog popularity and income.

increase alexa rank quickly

What is Alexa?

Alexa is website which measures rank of every website.They define themselves as a web information company. Alexa rank gets updated every day.

How Alexa rank is Calculated?

Most people think that Alexa is measured from traffic but they can take only the traffic which is passed from their systems i.e either your visitor should have to install Alexa widget or you should have to install on Alexa widget on your blog.
Now i don’t want to waste your time any more, lets go to the post .Here i listed the 10 tips to increase Alexa rank.

10 tips to Boost Alexa Rank:

1.Claim Your Site:

To gain full control claim your site on this will help others to know about your site and helps to rank better.

2.Install Alexa Tool Bar:

Just above as I mentioned that Alexa is measured by the hits which pass from their system .So you need to install Alexa tool bar for your browser and also tell your friends ,visitors and members of your blog to install Alexa tool bar.


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3.Alexa widget on your blog:

You can not tell all your visitors to intsall Alexa tool bar so the best way is to use Alexa widget on your blog for good ranking.this helps advertisers to know about your site and there by it increases revenue of your blog

  • Click here for How to install Alexa Widget

4.Quality content:

As i always believe that Content Is king.if you  have good content then automatically backlinks increases and this will boost your Alexa rank

5.Write a Review about

Here comes another best tip to  increase rank .Write a review about Alexa rank on your blog and link it to
Note: If you started your blog recently then don’t write about How to increase Alexa rank- As you have started  blog recently if you write this article many visitors will take that in negative way.

so its better to write What is Alexa rank? How to install Alexa widget on your blog

6.Comment and bulid backlinks:

Comment on commluv blogs  and other blogs which are related to your niche.commenting and getting back links form good website will definitely increase Alexa rank.don’ forget that Alexa will also include back links for measuring rank.
  • write a guest post for blogs related to your niche and get back links.

7.Use Social networking sites:

One of best way to get traffic and increase Alexa rank for a newbie is use of social networking sites like facebook. stumbleupon,Digg and reddit. And remember DONT SPAM TOO MUCH

Best Facebook Groups to share your content:

  • Backlinks and link exchange
  • itechcode
  • Bloggers paradise 
  • Blog promotion
  • WordPress warriors and many more..!!

8.Review about your Blog on Alexa:

Ask your friends visitors to write a review a good review about your site on

9.Get target traffic:

Get traffic form bloggers and tech related people this will helps you  to get good Alexa rank

10.Write new content regularly:

It’s good to update your blog regularly by writing new article. but remember  you always need to provide good quality then Alexa will boost like anything.
Must Check: 5 Seo Tips for New Blogger hello 🙂 from now we will write on blogging related article also
After 3 months of my successful blogging journey i decided to write on blogging tips and tricks.
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Shree Tapasya

Sumeet Kalsey is a WordPress fanatic and loves experimenting with WordPress themes & plugins.
Also Search for new contents and software’s in free time. Get more from Kalsey on
& Facebook

Shree Tapasya

Sumeet Kalsey is a WordPress fanatic and loves experimenting with WordPress themes & plugins. Also Search for new contents and software's in free time. Get more from Kalsey on Google+ & Facebook

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