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bulk-sms-bannerReliable SMS Gateway India from Shree Tapasya

Business messaging and bulk SMS options can help your company accomplish a lot in terms of marketing and lead generation. In order to get the best results, however, you need the right partner. Shree Tapasya has years of experience in the field of bulk SMS service provision and we give our customers access to reliable SMS gateway options.

The Benefits of Using SMS Gateway Services

Using messaging to accomplish corporate goals delivers fast, effective and easily measurable results. You can maximize the reach of the campaign, address the right target audience and see the results immediately after the execution of the campaign. Our SMS gateway India platform enables you to easily create the right campaign, send the message to a large audience (unlimited messaging potential) and carry out mobile transactions. Bulk SMS sending is right for every company – from a startup to a large corporation. No coding and development experience is necessary, especially if you choose a partner that has been active in the field for years.

SMS Gateway India from Shree Tapasya

Shree Tapasya has seven years of experience in the field of international bulk SMS gateway services. We can give you a customized solution that corresponds 100 percent to the needs of your business. Just give us a call today to get a quote and figure out what our offer includes. Our customers benefit from an uptime guarantee, fast speed and delivery reporting. We work with companies spread across India and we’re known for the reliable and adequate customer support. Don’t worry if you’re just getting started with your corporate SMS gateway – we’ll be more than happy to guide you through the process and help you make the most of the opportunity. Our SMS gateway supports all local language Unicode SMS, so give us a call right now to explore the possibility and get started

Why Shree Tapasya SMS Solutions

    • Shree Tapasya is the world’s largest mobile transaction network: we maintain connections to more then 500 mobile operators in 180+ countries through our carrier-grade network
    • High Quality of Service: Shree Tapasya is a provider of high quality Mobile Value Added Services. Shree Tapasya offers a high level of redundancy of servers with load balancing, fail-over mechanism and least cost routing through a messaging platform deployed in three continents in three different IP backbones.
    • Focus: Shree Tapasya is focused on B2B mobile applications and providing end-to-end SMS services to enterprise customers.
    • Product-driven: Shree Tapasya has advanced messaging products. These products can be deployed as client applications enabling easy integration with varied and complex IT back-end systems for automated and scheduled messaging.
    • Cost-effective: As Canny Infotech provides cost effective solution via our huge networks by customer interaction globally.


How it works

In current times, mobile phones have become a powerful tool with SMS feature. The advantages of using SMS gateway solutions are:

  • Possibility of sending SMS to all GSM and CDMA operators.
  • Confirmations and SMS status reports in client’s application available in intranet / extranet.
  • Full technical service, which includes monitoring, management and administration.
  • Direct interaction with cell phone users for all GSM and CDMA operators.
  • Possibility of full integration with Content Management System.

All these advantages go hand in hand. For smooth functioning of one service, all these services have to be in place. This makes the SMS solutions faster and much efficient.
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