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Domain Registration – Cheapest Domain Name Registeration in INDIA

Shree Tapasya, based in India offers very cheap Domain Name Registration Services to help your domain in minutes and use it 24hrs of its creation. Shree Tapasya effective and expectable domain name registration services that expand your online Business.

Why get a domain?

A domain name is the address that helps people find your website online. It is what you usually type in your browser’s address bar to visit a specific website or location on the Internet. Just as homes and offices have addresses, all websites have a unique domain name.

You need a domain name to ensure your website has its own special address on the web. For example, the Yahoo! domain name is

How to choose a domain?

Choosing a good domain name is very important for your business. Choose a domain name that –

  • reflects your business name or the topic of your site.
  • is unique and short – one that is easy to say, remember and spell.
  • has letters, numbers, and hyphens. Spaces or other symbols are not allowed.

Do a domain name check: if your first choice of domain name has been taken already, try rearranging the words, adding hyphens, or using abbreviations to come up with an alternative domain name.

Save on Multi Year
(Per Year)
(Per Year)
.com Rs. 510.00 Rs. 510.00 Rs. 510.00
.net Rs. 410.00 Rs. 410.00 Rs. 410.00
.org Rs. 490.00 Rs. 490.00 Rs. 490.00
.info Rs. 500.00 Rs. 500.00 Rs. 500.00
.biz Rs. 520.00 Rs. 520.00 Rs. 520.00
.name Rs. 85.00 Rs. 450.00 Rs. 450.00
.in Rs. 485.00 Rs. 485.00 Rs. 485.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00 Rs. 385.00
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  • Easy to use control panel for Domain Registration.
  • Edit contact, administrative and billing information in real time for your Domain Name.
  • Edit name server entries in real time for Domain Name.
  • Create and remove DNS records on the fly for you Domain.
  • Domain Name theft prevention system.
  • Each Domain Name with Separate Extension like (.com, .net, .org, .info,, . in, etc).
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  • Send and recieve emails with your own Unlimited Spaces with personalized email account.
  • You get 2 Free Email Account(s). You also get FREE fraud, spam and virus protection.
  • Create email forwards that redirects to existing email accounts
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  • Lock your domain name, so that your domain is not transferred out accidentally or without your permission
  • Protect your personal information being displayed at WHOIS to safeguard you from spammers, data harvesters etc.
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  • Register, Renew, Transfer and make other changes to multiple Domain Names in a single step.
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  • Automatically forward people to whatever website you want, when they type your domain name into a browser (with / without domain masking & SEO)
  • Manage your DNS records, website location, email, sub-domains, aliases, FTP and more.


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    • Manage your domain name, renew your domain name, buy more services or domain names using our intuitive control panel.
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  • 24/7/365 Technical Support Department
  • Sales Department ( Mon – Sat 7.00 AM TO 11.00 PM IST )
  • Billing Department ( Mon – Sat 7.00 AM TO 11.00 PM IST )
  • Special on demand Remote Desktop Support with Team Viewer, Ammy Admin, Gtalk, Skype
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring