How to Setup your own Proxy Server for Free

Do a Google search motor like “proxy servers” and you will find a multitude of PHP proxy servers programs on the Internet that will help you make your own proxy servers web servers in minutes for 100 % free. The only restriction with PHP based proxy servers is that they need a web server (to… READ MORE

Free 180+ Tools Available with Single Mouse Click Installation (Mailing Lists & Tools)

All tools below are available with our Linux hosting plans and can be installed with 2 mouse clicks directly from our hosting control panel. Mailing Lists & Tools Mailing Lists & Tools phpList is an open-source newsletter manager. phplist is free to download, install and use, and is easy to integrate with any website. phpList… READ MORE

Windows vs. Linux Hosting vs. Linux Hosting

Web hosting systems are as varied as genders. There are basically only two kinds with a few of transgender sprinkled in. The two choices are Windows and Linux. In the battle of Windows vs. Linux who will come out the victor? Is Windows hosting better than Linux hosting? The decision to choose one web hosting… READ MORE